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Musculoskeletal Alignment, Energy Healing & Tapping - A bespoke holistic approach to the body.  

Arabella's Approach


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Arabella has healing hands and a very special gift of ‘sensing’.
From the moment I entered her beautifully warm and deliciously scented treatment room I felt immediately that I was going to leave feeling better about a whole range of matters.
Arabella does not care about what you’re wearing, your ‘ugly’ bits or even how much of her own personal time and energy she’s going to dedicate to you in her complete and utter unconditional quest to identify your physical and emotional pain. She works with purpose and intentionality but also with care and tenderness.
Arabella doesn’t judge or allow for any embarrassment - these emotions do not feature in her consultation and very quickly I felt disarmed and totally at ease knowing that I could confide everything in her.
My body and mind were totally cleansed and restored which given my very recent bereavement was above and beyond any expectations I held for my time there.
I am not a particularly spiritual person but even I can tell you that Arabella is a gifted soul. I cannot thank her or recommend her services enough to others in need of pain relief

- no matter what that pain may look like or simply as a gift to oneself.
‘Uplifted’, ‘light on my feet’ ‘re-energised’ and ‘cared for’ were the words that immediately came to me as I drove home afterwards.

- Nadine


It was lovely to meet you when you were at Bruntlands. I just wanted to thank you for your help with my shoulder, the difference has been fantastic. Before your help I had been taking pain medication daily and the discomfort was impacting the mobility of my arm.
I have not needed to take any medication since the session and have much greater movement in my arm. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

- Andrea


Arabella's ability to feel, pinpoint and release the exact areas of pain or reduced function through her combination of deep physical mobilisation and energy flow release as well as looking at the whole physical function of the body is quite remarkable, and has had a long lasting and very positive affect on my mobility and pain just after one session.

- James


Arabella kindly offered to treat my stiff, sore neck following 3 long days and nights of hardly any sleep. We started the session checking the energy flow within my body and correcting it. Then whilst lying on the bed Arabella started massaging and adding pressure to the point of the problem, always checking that the pressure wasn’t too hard or too soft. After this, whilst my eyes were closed, Arabella did her magic! I’m not sure what she was doing, she wasn’t touching me but, I started seeing colours, purple, green, yellow. At the end of the treatment, Arabella held a point on my foot and the colours kept changing until finally it was the brightest white light! Following the treatment, I felt calm, relaxed and my neck was so much better. That evening I slept for the first time in days and the next day my neck was healed! I highly recommend Arabella Arkwright as a therapist, she listens to you, makes you feel secure and puts you at ease with any body or self confidence issues you may have. She also offers advice on after care which you can do at home. Thank you very much Arabella xxx

- Kelly


Our beautiful and very much loved dog Meg was stung by about 100 Bees whilst out with my husband three weeks ago. She suffered an anaphylactic reaction and was taken to vet in Warwick where she stayed overnight and was treated with steroids, antibiotics and fluids. After this she returned to us with frequent visits to the vet and I am very thankful to them. However she declined very quickly. Refused to eat and drink and was jaundiced. I really felt we would lose her. Arabella kindly offered to help if she could so 10 days ago we took Meg to see Arabella. Being a nurse and very much moulded by a medical approach during my life it really was a stab in the dark for me but I was extremely open to any input that would help Meg. What followed was quite an emotional experience Arabella treated Meg who following the treatment decided to try and jump in the car!!!! On our return home Meg started eating small amounts and over the following days her appetite returned and she started to wag her tail and completely picked up. She is not a young dog but she has overcome this and my instinct tells me that this was due to Arabella’s help. I am so grateful to her and for allowing me to be present. Thank you so much.

- Katharine


I had the best back massage of my life with Arabella! She used 5 different techniques to bring my post-natal body back to life. I felt like I was walking on a cloud afterwards, weightless.Just amazing what she is able to do using energy and powerful hands! 

- Sarah


I absolutely loved my treatment with Arabella. First of all the hypnosis part has definitely helped me since I got home - the hypnobirthing that I’m doing is easier, and I also had a pretty stressful work presentation to do and five minutes before I sat with my eyes shut and could hear her saying "relax, relax, relax, release, release, release" in my head and I have never felt calmer before presenting! We did some meridian energy work where she could identify blockages in different areas of my body and she also worked miracles by massaging my shoulders and particularly my right calf where I had a bit of a knot. The energy she was able to conjure in my body was extraordinary. I felt wonderful heat from the breathing work we did and at the end when she did the final energy work I could really feel it moving around my body. Since going to see her my tailbone/sacroiliac which had been playing up no end has definitely been better, my legs have felt light and when I did a workout they were amazingly untight. I have had three nights this week where I have slept totally through the night which I haven’t done since I got pregnant. I literally cannot wait to go back!

- Martha


My toe has NO PAIN! It is truly incredible. Arabella, thank you. I was told by a London podiatrist that as a result of my back injury many years ago I will always have problems with my right leg/foot. Not that I’ve really thought about it much since. But this morning for the first time for yonks I feel I can put full weight on that foot without the joint in my big toe feeling sore. Amazing. You’re a splendidly weirdly talented sort of “witch” (said in the nicest sort of way! Obviously.)

- Corinne

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