Hot Hands

Hot Hands

Hot hands is a wonderful gift, this refers to practitioners who have the ability to generate heat in their hands, which provides soothing and relaxation during the healing session. The warmth can help to relax muscles, improve circulation, and enhance the effectiveness of the healing taking place.

“Dear Arabella,

Thank you so much for spending so much time with me in your beautifully appointed clinic at Hatton.
You as I predicted certainly have “hot hands”. My back as well as my rather arthritic right knee are a great deal more comfortable and I was left with a wonderful feeling of well-being after my time with you.”

Dr Christopher Powell-Brett

3 Basil Street



It’s important to note that although some individuals may experience positive effects from Hot Hands, it should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional for any medical concerns or conditions.


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