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It’s long been established that a psychological state does have an impact on a physiological state. But Arabella Arkwright espouses a much more causal than a correlative effect.

The Alchemist Clinic, which Arabella both owns and is lead practitioner, has a warm and inviting atmosphere in which you can’t help but feel serene and calm. The clay walls are adorned with inspiring quotes and thoughts in gold lettering. An atmosphere in which you immediately feel confident in receiving unconditional positive regard. As Arabella says ‘Each individual is unique, there is no one like you’.

Within the clinic Arabella uses a mix of healing modalities, Deep tissue massage, Energy Healing and neural tapping amongst others. For centuries energy healers have discovered that working with body’s energy field has allowed them to have a positive impact on that persons physical health. It is within this paradigm that she deploys, what one client described as  ‘healing hands and a very special gift of ‘sensing’’. She will work with each individual to create a unique, bespoke and specifically tailored programme. Your breathing , posture and movement will all be assessed to observe any imbalance that may be at the root of your own particular issue.

 For Arabella there is no Cartesian Dualism, that being of Mind and Body. For her, the body is a singular bio-mechanical machine with interconnected, chemical, neural and emotional pathways. This requires a holistic solution to any source of pain. The point of pain is not always the source of that pain. Arabella has a unique gift in identifying the emotional pathways that are involved and what energy blocks there maybe on your journey to self healing. You may be holding skeptical thoughts and it is those very thoughts that may be holding you back from a calmer, happier and healthier life.

 One of the inscriptions on the walls of the clinic reads ‘I am what my thoughts are’. There are some who would argue that you are not defined by the thoughts you hold. But many would concur with Arabella, that it is you who chooses what to think. Thoughts don’t break into your mental residence, you open the door and welcome them in. You get to control your thoughts, you can be the healer of your own body and you can design your own life. As she said to me you can’t have a genuine smile on your face and express a negative emotion. So much of what we think and feel is down to how we interpret the World around us.

 In the Modern World a fear of snakes seems ‘irrational’, but in our evolutionary past it was plain common sense. Much of our evolutionary psychological past has transcended time and so manifests      itself as stress. Arabella points out that we can’t always control our life circumstances, but we can control how we react to them. This is another part of her range of approaches, something, as she points out we do ‘thousands of times a day’; breathe. She states this is an absolute pivotal part of the quality of your life and the way you feel and react to that World that surrounds  you.   Change, through breath work, can create new neural and physical pathways that can create the circumstances that allow the body to heal itself. As Arabella says, ‘from the moment your born, your born to heal’

There are many, many testimonials, some from people who were skeptical at the outset, who have no doubt in Arabella’s skills and the gifts with which she has been blessed. Whatever your doubts, whatever your pain, she will be welcoming, non judgemental and will strive to bring you the freedom from that pain, whatever its cause. She told me, as we left the tranquil oasis of the Alchemist Clinic, that she wakes up everyday full of joy in the knowledge that she has a gift that can help people towards the better self-healing life they deserve; people just like you. Why don’t you join her on that happy journey?  


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